Trader's Glossary


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There are currently 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
M1 Money Supply
M1 measures the money supply in the economy of the United States comprised of currency and other liquid deposits including savings deposits.
M2 Money Supply
M2 comprises of M1 and “Near Money”. Near Money comprises of money market securities, and other time deposits (in amounts less than $100,000).
Maintenance Margin
Maintenance margin is the amount of money that must be available in the trading account in order to keep a trade open.
Margin is the funds required to trade leveraged financial products.
Margin Call
A margin call is when a broker requests additional funds from a trader to be deposited in their trading account, in order to keep a trade open.
Margin Deposit
Margin deposit or initial margin is the amount a trader needs to deposit in order to execute a leveraged position.
Market Data
Market data refers to the price, bid/ask quotes, charts and other related data for financial instruments like stocks, indices, forex and commodities.
Market Maker
A market maker is an individual or an institution that provides liquidity to the market by buying and selling large amounts of financial instruments.
Market Order
A market order is an order from a trader to a broker to buy or sell a stock at the current market price.
A merger is an agreement that combines two or more companies into one new company.
MetaTrader is a widely used trading platform to buy or sell securities.
Moving Average
Moving Averages (MAs) are trading indicators often used in technical analysis to smoothen out price data and remove market noise resulting from the random short-term market fluctuations.