Trader's Glossary


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There are currently 4 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
‘Hedging’ is a risk management strategy that aims to reduce a trader’s existing exposure via investments or trades designed to minimize or manage risk.
Heikin Ashi
Heikin Ashi literally means “Average Pace” in Japanese. This is a type of chart very similar to a Japanese candlestick chart, with one big difference. Heikin Ashi charts use two-period averages in an attempt to filter out market noise and make it easier for the analyst to spot trends and reversals.
Helicopter Money
The term helicopter money is used whenever central banks print a large sum of new money and introduce them into the country's economy to stimulate economic activity.
High Frequency Trading (HFT)
High Frequency Trading or HFT is a trading method the uses powerful trading programs and usually complex algorithms analyze the markets and enter into (and exit form) a large number of orders in record execution times. HFT is characterized by high speed execution and high turnover.