Trader's Glossary


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Earnings per Share
Earnings per Share (EPS) is calculated by dividing a company’s total profit generated in a period, by the number of shares held by the company’s shareholders.
ECB is the European Central Bank in charge of monetary policy in the eurozone.
Ex-Dividend Date
The Ex-Dividend Date is the cut-off point which defines whether a shareholder is eligible to receive any dividend distribution. Shareholders who bought and owned the stock before the Ex-Dividend Date are eligible to receive any dividends due as decided by the Company’s Board of Directors. Whereas shareholders who bought the stock on, or after, the Ex-Dividend Date are not eligible to receive dividends in the upcoming dividend distribution.
An exchange is an organized marketplace where member traders and brokers can buy and sell commodities, stocks and other types of securities.
Executing a trade is the completion of a buy or sell order, carried out by a broker.
Exposure can mean two things: the total risk exposure of your portfolio or a portion of your investment in a particular market or asset.