Trader's Glossary


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Ichimoku Cloud
The Ichimoku Cloud is a group of technical indicators that use multiple moving averages to show momentum and trend direction together with support and resistance levels.
In finance, an index (or indices in plural) is a composite instrument that measures the collective performance of a group of financial assets. Stock Indices like S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE100, ASX200, DAX etc. for example, measure the collective performance of a number of stocks floated on a particular exchange(s).
Indices Trading
Indices trading is the buying and selling of indices in an attempt to make a profit from the price movements.
Inflation is the rise in prices and the decrease of purchasing power of the consumers in an economy. Inflation, which is most often expressed as a percentage, is the rate by which average prices rise on a ‘basket of basic goods and services’ in that economy.
Typically, Interest refers to the cost of borrowing money. Interest is the amount paid by the borrowing party to the lending party. The amount of Interest due is calculated on the basis of the agreed Interest Rate.
Interest Rate
Interest Rate is the percentage the borrowing party is charged for on the principal amount of the loan or on the value of the borrowed asset.
IPO, short for Initial Public Offering refers to refers to the offering of shares of a private company to the general public for the first time