Low Latency

The edge of low latency

In today’s trading world low latency goes hand in hand with trading gains. For traders, professional and retail alike, ultra-low latency, or the lack of it, can make or break a strategy. You demand lower ever latency and ever faster fill times. That drives our investment in technologies that speed up execution.

We deal with latency drastically. We co-located our trading engine right next to those of our liquidity partners. It connects you to liquidity pools via a 10Gbps cross-connect for zero data congestion. And we keep adding new proxy servers regularly for even faster execution.

The trading engine

Unlike some other brokers, our trading engine is purpose-built for trading. Blazing processing speed and power aside, it packs features and components for ultra-fast data routing. It is built for speed and reliability. This beast resides in the secure EFX1 suite in Equinix LD4. It is the host to a powerful gateway capable of filling in 10,000 trades per second with zero delays. The gateway, in turn, is our direct link to prime pricing from our liquidity partners.

For failsafe, a twin machine resides in a different data center in mainland Europe and backs up your trades in real-time. In the unlikely event of failure, your trading will continue seamlessly.

Trading Engine
High-speed inter-server routers
Proxy servers to cut down latency
SmartNIC ASIC cards to optimize traffic processing
Backup trading engine to provide failsafe environment


We share the same location with the major liquidity providers to reduce the latency.

Ultra-Fast Routing Switches

Ultra-fast routing switches

Low latency switches built for market data distribution route data at speeds well below 1 microsecond.

Committed to Speed

Committed to speed

Our commitment to the pursuit of faster trading speeds is unconditional. We continually develop and upgrade our network with new technologies as they emerge. We may bear a higher cost by leasing hardware rather than owning it. But that gives us unlimited flexibility when it is time to upgrade to the latest tech.