Get Tight Spreads

Currency trading is the most dynamic market in the world with many trading opportunities. When the spread is tight, your trading costs are reduced.

Our diversified liquidity mix and partnerships with leading financial institutions guarantee high liquidity and play a key role in ensuring we consistently provide tight spreads for our traders, starting at 0.0 pips.

Our Spreads/Swaps

Our spreads/swaps

Access tight variable spreads and fast execution of trades with a low probability of slippage. Our platforms stream real-time quotes on a wide array of trading instruments. Pricing is supported by high liquidity from leading international financial institutions. This allows us to offer spreads on currency trading from 0.0 pips on RAW+ accounts and 0.4 pips for Edge accounts.

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Prime Liquidity Partners

Deep Liquidity

Our execution is not only fast but backed by deep liquidity. Through prime liquidity partners we offer you the tightest of spreads starting at 0.0 pips.

Fast Order Execution

Fast Execution

Your orders are executed at the best market prices and are carried out in milliseconds. Enjoy low spreads with fast order execution.

Trading Strategies

All Strategies Welcome

No restrictions on trading styles or strategies. You can go scalping, day trading, or swing trading to your hearts' content.

Our Pricing Model

Your specific needs as a trader are the single defining element of our pricing plans. Our pricing logic is simple. We look at the requirements for each type of trader and shape our pricing around that.

Your aspiration for better trading conditions drives our search for top-tier liquidity. We add new liquidity sources regularly, to deliver you even tighter spreads and prime swaps.

Our Pricing Model