Online Safety

Online Safety

FinPros has the latest online security measures in place to protect your privacy and personal data. With secure connections in all communications we protect your transactions and in effect your funds

Latest Online Security

How we protect you

Top level data encryption applies at every interaction on our websites and all our apps.

FinPros Security PIN

We keep your account and data security at the top of our agenda. This security feature is part of our commitment to providing you a secure trading experience.

This system-generated 6-digit PIN number is known only to you and authorized FinPros representatives. If a FinPros representative calls you, you can easily verify he works for us by asking for the Security PIN.

On the flipside, a FinPros representative will request this security PIN whenever you reach out to us and we need to verify your identity.

Security PIN
Watch out for Phishing

Watch out for Phishing

Scammers may use phishing techniques to pose as FinPros. Do not open attachments or links in suspicious messages. Scammers may use a similar email domain to confuse you and appear legit.

While this is not a rule, such messages are often badly composed and contain many mistakes. This should set off the alarm for you.

Number spoofing is another method scammers employ to persuade victims to part with personal data. Always use the Security PIN feature to verify the identity of the person calling you even if you recognize the number.

Browse Securely

Make sure the websites you surf have https:// and the security lock icon in the address bar.

Keep an eye! Website spoofing is on the rise. Fraudsters clone the website of a legit company under a similar domain name. They use the clone to pose as the company and collect sensitive client information during an attempted login.

Avoid public internet access. Use only secure internet connectivity. Do not save your login information on shared computers. And make sure you clear the cookies and the cache after each session on a shared machine.

Browse Securely

Never reveal your data!

Keep your access codes strictly to your self! Never share them with anyone whatsoever. FinPros personnel will never ask you for your access passwords or any other sensitive account details. The only code FinPros staff will ever request is your Security PIN. And this will happen when you request information about your account.

Be on guard from any party asking for information related to your account and identity.

Access Code Protection

Don’t make it easy

Fraudsters sometimes manage to sneak in simply because we make it easy for them. An easy and memorable password, a family member name, a date of birth. Add complexity to your passwords. Avoid them being easily predictable.

Keep a different password for each website. If one gets compromised, you don't lose them all. Change your passwords often and use dual-factor authentication wherever possible.

Malware and Viruses

Malware and Viruses

Keep your devices clean of malicious software. Scan your devices regularly for viruses and malware. Update your security software frequently. And make sure you are running the latest version of the OS with the latest security patch.

Malicious programs will transmit your data to fraudsters aiming to steal your identity and eventually your money.

Suspicious Contacts

Expose Fraud

Be wary of any behavior as described above. Report suspected fraudsters to the relevant fraud authorities of your country. If you get uninvited messages of any kind claiming it's us, let us know pronto through our official channels on this website.

Expose Fraud