No Dealing Desk Execution

FinPros is firmly set on delivering a fair trading environment for its clients. And we do that by adopting ethical and equitable practices in our trade execution.

Our No Dealing Desk execution model is ideal for delivering speed, minimal slippage and zero requotes.

We fill in your orders with zero intervention in the trades, human or any other kind. That way we guarantee spot-on pricing, speed, and transparency.


Every online broker rants on about transparency in broad terms and titles. But what is transparency in trading at the end of the day? Well, to be completely fair, absolute transparency is the ability to know what exactly you are trading, at what price, who is the counterparty, and where your trades are executed.

We are well outspoken about how we fill in your orders. We want to be completely transparent so you can trade with trust. Read on to see how we fill in your trades.


How it works

Our order book comprises of a large number of orders from all our clients. Some of them go short while others go long. That means we partly cover the resulting market risk internally. But since long and short positions are not in perfect balance we cover some residual risk inhouse. Up to our strict preset limits that is. Any excess risk is hedged with our liquidity sources.

Essentially, we hedge your trades if and when we have to. The vast majority of your orders are executed inhouse. That means we are the counterparty to your trades. We do that to increase execution speed by not having to send your orders out to a liquidity source and wait for confirmation. Our trading engine then automatically decides how to cover the risk of your trade. It either covers the risk internally via order matching or as residual risk. Otherwise, it hedges your trade externally as excess exposure.

Ultra-fast execution
Instant deep liquidity
Internal order matching for risk management
Fully transparent execution
No Dealing Desk
No Dealing Desk Execution
ECN Broker
No Dealing Desk Execution

NDD is not ECN

No Dealing Desk Execution means filling in trades without dealing desk intervention, human or virtual. NDD does not necessarily mean ECN though. In an Electronic Communication Network execution is anonymous. The counterparty to your trades may be any other participant in the network, or the broker’s LPs. Unfortunately, in an ECN order fills are not entirely guarantied. FinPros offers true NDD execution but we are not an ECN broker.