Fast. Very Fast Execution.

In today’s fast-paced markets, fast execution is topmost. Prices change more frequently and more rapidly. So, accuracy and speed in our execution is key for our investors.

For that reason, we spared no expense in the pursuit of execution speed and accuracy. Our trading systems are purposely built for agility, precision, and reliability. And our infrastructure is strategically positioned to reduce latency between you and core market centres.

Fast Execution
NDD Execution

NDD Execution

Our NDD execution model guarantees zero dealing intervention. We execute all your orders automatically at the best price available in the market at the time.

Most of your orders are matched internally with opposing orders from other traders. The rest get hedged externally with our liquidity sources. This allows us to minimize our risks while filling in your orders fast. Really fast.

How we make money

Most of our revenue comes from spreads and commissions that traders pay to trade with us. Our strategy is based on fair and low transaction costs that attract larger turnovers. We don’t aim to gain from clients’ losses.

We may earn less per trade than the other brokers out there. But we do earn more in the long run with higher trade volumes and client retention. Simple.

Safer with Negative Balance Protection

We use a range of risk management tools that monitor your trading account in real-time. These tools protect your account from going into negative balance. We offer NBP as a standard feature on a ‘per trading account basis’ at zero cost to you.

Negative Balance Protection
Faster Execution

Fast. Superfast!

FinPros gives you up to 27% faster execution with a trading engine built for speed.

No Dealing Desk

No Dealing Desk

FinPros executes all trades automatically. No Dealing Desk, no trade intervention.

Negative Balance Protection

Negative Balance Protection

Negative balance protection ensures your account never goes below zero. Simple.