Contract Specifications

Contract Specs

These parameters dictate how each instrument trades in the platform. Our specs cover the contract sizes and denominations, as well as minimum margin requirements* and trading times.

*Min. Margin %: The minimum margin requirements stipulated here refer to the standard minimums for the ClassiQ Account. Minimum margin requirements, however, will also vary based on other factors. Account type, account size, market instrument, trading style and market conditions at the time, are the most important. For real time margin requirements tap the required symbol on the platform and choose ‘Specification’. Additional information can be found in our ‘Leverage and Margin Policy’

Trading Times

While Currencies and Cryptos trade 24/5 without any breaks, this kind of schedule doesn’t apply to the rest of the asset classes. Times and daily breaks in trading may vary from one asset class to the next. Moreover, trading times** will vary depending on the season (Daylight Savings Time). And in the case of Stocks on the underlying exchanges on which an asset is listed on.

**Trading times are subject to change

Trading Times