We invest in resources

We want our traders to win the race. So, we invest in world-class resources to optimize your trading performance. An array of award-winning tools helps you spot new opportunities on the market and make educated decisions about your trades. At the same time, they help you calculate your risk and manage it effectively.

Technical Views

Technical Views

Technical Views packs actionable trading ideas, laid out clearly and concisely. It shows you the expected market direction with clear targets and exits points for both the expected and the alternative scenarios. Technical Views pairs the work of registered market analysts with the intelligence of quant algorithms. The results are clear-cut trading ideas with pre-calculated exit points.

Economic Insight

Economic announcements create new trade opportunities every day. Economic Insight helps you identify and make the most of these opportunities. Its power tools allow you to dissect market data into tradable ideas. See how much past events moved the market and in which direction. Forecast with confidence how the market will move and plan your trade right.

Economic announcements

Alpha Generation

The ultimate pack of custom indicators for the MT5.
Discover new trade ideas and set up trade scenarios with clear entry and exit points for your trades.

Technical Views Indicator: Trading ideas made simple right on your MT5 charts
Adaptive Candlesticks: Pinpoints the important candlestick formations for price action trading.
ACD Indicator: Market entry and exit points from a combo of market smart indicators. ACD auto-adjusts to market conditions for more accuracy.