Economic Insight at a glance

Forecast how the market is likely to move after an announcement, plan it, trade it.
Economic announcements happen every day affecting the way prices move. How do you make the most of these opportunities? Zoom in to past data and get the right insight to plan your trade. Be in-the-know and make calculated decisions. Economic Insight is not your average economic calendar. This is a power tool on steroids. Analyze, plan and trade directly from it.


First let’s make sure you know some basic stuff so you can use Economic Insight effectively. Don’t worry about the calculations. These are all done for you on the spot.


The unit that measures price movement in currency pairs.

Price Volatility

The day-to-day percentage change in the price of a currency pair.

True Range

True Range is an indicator that measures the volatility of an asset’s price. It shows us how much price changes on average, during a given time frame.

Keeping it simple!

Economic Insight switches True Range calculations to Pip Values. Why?

We crunch complex data to simple decision-making level analysis. This gives you a clear understanding of how the market behaved. Economic Insight uses the “True Range” indicator to generate analysis of historical data. It then converts these values to “True Range Pips” to show the trader the scale of historical pips movement for the particular economic event.

Why add Pip Values to your setup?

Pip Values help traders form a more solid risk management strategy. They also help you define your Take Profit and Stop-Loss targets more clearly.

Volatility Tab

  1. Choose the Currency Pair. Take your pick from a list of currency pairs related to the economic event.
  2. Choose the Timeframe. Display Volatility Data for the chosen timeframe after each past event.
  3. Event Filter. Filter events and data based on performance (Actual vs Forecast). There’s always 3 possible outcomes relative to the forecast and the actual result.


True Range Pips Section

The bar chart shows the historic True Range Pips for the chosen currency pair and timeframe.
If you set the timeframe to “4 hours after event” for an event that happened at 12:00, your chart will show the volatility in True Range Pips between 12:00 and 16:00.

Volatility Chart


Bullish vs Bearish

This chart shows the price direction for the chosen currency pair and the chosen timeframe after the economic event.
If you choose “1 hour after event” for an event that happened at 12:00, Economic Insight will compare the price of the currency pair at 13:00 against the price at 12:00. Your chart will show on which instances the price rose and on which it fell.

Volatility Chart



Check out the split between Bullish and Bearish impact and the Average Volatility in True Range Pips from the last 12 occurrences in the summary section.

Volatility Chart


Set Up your Trade

Consider the Actual result vs the Forecast and the past market reactions to the economic event and decide if you need to buy or sell.

Economic Insight reads the going market price and calculates automatically where your Take-Profit and Stop-Loss should be. This is based on the Risk/Reward ratio you choose and the Average True Range Pips for the chosen Timeframe.

Tap the “Copy Levels and Trade” button and your trade setup will copied onto a new order ready for execution.

Volatility Chart

Impact Tab

Flick through past occurrences of the economic event and drill down on how the market behaved for your chosen currency pair and timeframe. Compare the actual Price Change against the True Range Pips movement for 4 different timeframes to draw clear conclusions. Visualize the impact the of the economic event on a candlestick chart.

Impact Chart