Alpha Generation: What is it?

Alpha Generation is a complete pack of custom indicators for the MetaTrader 5. They will help you find new trade opportunities and scenarios together with potential entry and exit points for your trades.

What’s in the Pack?

Technical Views Indicator

Trading scenarios with expected direction and key levels right onto your trading charts. This indicator gives you access to the Analyst Views power tool right onto your charts with a simple drag and drop. You don't have to check Analyst Views in the client area every time. Check out different trading scenarios directly on your trading charts instead.

Get actionable trading setups

Technical Views is a unique combination of input form registered market analysts and automated quantitative algorithms. Let the pros do the market analysis and use the end result to craft your trades. Have a clear point of view on the expected market direction together with the key target levels. Get a clear picture of the alternative scenario based on the Pivot Line together with alternative target levels.

Actionable Trading Setups

Adaptive Candlesticks

For all those traders who love to trade based on price action patterns we’ve got the next best thing since sliced bread. Adaptive Candlesticks scans your MT5 charts and plots the 16 most important candlestick patterns so you can plan your next move.

Adaptive Candlesticks

Only Important Patterns

Yes! There is more to it than simply displaying patterns.
This indicator combines patterns with quant and technical analysis. It also filters the only the patterns that are important to plan your trade.

Quant and Technical Analysis

Adaptive Convergence Divergence (ACD)

If you enjoy trading with MACD you will love ACD because of its higher caliber. ACD is designed for shorter timeframes and its signals are more precisely timed. The clever thing about ACD is that it adapts and lengthens during sideways drifts to protect you against sideways markets.

Entry & Exit signals

Spot potential trading opportunities instantly with clearly marked labels. ACD generates signals based on combined input from all of its components. ACD triggers signals based on the “weight of evidence” from each component. These components are quite independent from one another even though they share the same adaptive market data.

Adaptive Convergence Divergence (ACD)

How to use it


Download & Run

It’s a simple installation process. Just download the plugin from the client area and run it. Chat with our Support Pros if you need help with that.

Actionable Trading Setups


Drag & Drop

Open the MT5. In the Navigator window you will find all the Alpha Generation indicators installed under the Trading Central folder. Start with the Technical Views indicator. Drag the indicator from the Navigator window and drop it onto a chart for instant actionable market intel.

Actionable Trading Setups